What we do: BushMob run a 20 bed residential treatment facility with some unfunded                               beds for which we charge a fee for service.

Our Vision: Journeys are made in Central Australia by and for young people to get the                           self-respect, trust, courage and skills to have a good life – because grog,                             sniffing, drugs and crime are no good.

(Vision developed by Aboriginal and non-aboriginal young people and families in meetings under trees and in dry creek beds around Alice Springs)

NT Australian of the Year 2016

A huge congratulations to our CEO, Will MacGregor, on being announced as the NT Australian of the year. Your hard work has been noticed by more than just your staff and the other services we work with. We are all so very proud of you.


Read the ABC news article here.

A Message from the BushMob CEO – Will MacGregor

Bushmob has finally moved!

Our Alcohol and other Drugs Treatment bed numbers have increased from 10 to 20 and our new upgraded facility will provide young people with breathing and creative spaces, comfortable living areas and further opportunities to make choices around their substance misuse or other issues.

The premises are at 36 Priest Street which was run by Centre for Appropriate Technology (CAT) it has a great feeling as it used to be used for accommodation and Training for Remote Bush people, so there is already strong feelings of good past use and achievements. Thanks to the CAT and Bushmob Board’s of Management for keeping faith and seeing the value of complex high needs young people using this facility, from our first Expression of Interest in 2009. Thanks also to the individuals and agencies of the Commonwealth and Northern Territory Government for seeing the possibilities of expanding Bushmob’s brand of AOD/VSA treatment.

After our first few weeks the young people’s feedback (and there are some who experienced our old facility/house) is positive and is around, warm (or cool in summer) comfortable rooms, lots to eat and more activities and possibilities for the future.

All our staff now have a work space! Our two Head Stockmen/ Culture Managers and Counsellor don’t have to play musical desks anymore; the counsellor now has the choice of an office or under the trees in the car park. Bushmob Media and IT which used to be a squashed space  in the middle of a demountable with room for 4 young people( if you stood or sat between guitars and Amps and camera gear), can now comfortably seat over ten. We have space for trailers and Bush gear and our Pinnacle of Terror climbing trailer. We are in the process of setting up the workshop and moves are afoot for a Gardening/ chook area.

Please feel free to come and have a look, just let us know on 08 89533798.

Will Macgregor

CEO Bushmob

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