BushMob’s B.A.T. (Bush Adventure Therapy) team consists of specially trained B.A.T. workers who visit and talk with people and their families. They listen to their concerns and offer support to reduce stresses through respect, choices, life skills development, crisis management, follow up and bushtrips. They work with people to identify their needs, offer a safe place to work through their issues, and refer them to other services if needed.

BushMob is a member of A.A.B.A.T. (Australian Association of Bush Adventure Therapy)

The B.A.T. team are happy to work in and around communities (if invited) and to organise and run overnight and day trips with men’s or women’s groups as well as young people to build strong community, lasting relationships and to give people a break from their issues (subject to funding and capacity in the organization). BushMob intends to develop this service further and have a permanent remote team.

The B.A.T. team also work with the Santa Teresa Stockmen to run an annual horse culture trek in their area with the Stockmen themselves being the driving force, catching horses and breaking them so that they are ready to ride as well as acting as guides and mentors during the five day trip.

Next year, depending on funding, the horse trek may be extended to 10 days and two trips, we are very excited about this and look forward to working closely with the Santa Teresa Stockmen.

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