Bushmob at a Glance

BushMob was founded in 1999 as an Aboriginal community led response to issues affecting the safety of Young People. Today it operates a 20-bed residential and community outreach alcohol and other drug treatment program for Young People aged 12-25. The service user group is predominantly but not exclusively indigenous Young People who have complex needs arising from co-occurring health, social, psychological and structural issues.

BushMob provides holistic well-being focused therapy for any Young Person aged 12 – 25 with AOD or related issues including mental health, youth justice, child protection, income, ID and other hassles in their lives.

BushMob has a strong focus on quality as a key risk management strategy and has exemplar quality improvement council accreditation and is a leader in therapeutic governance systems design for young clients with complex needs.

Stay in (residential) and outreach (in the community) AOD treatment and prevention. Tailored individual education, Bush Adventure Therapy Camps, and Horse Culture Healing Sessions. Tailored filming and other media projects.

Residential treatment of 4 months or as individually tailored Outreach treatment, information, education, prevention programs. Tailored Bush Adventure Therapy Camps and Horse Culture Healing Sessions. Tailored filiming and other media projects.

BushMob uses a range of evidence based therapeutic modalities which integrate evidence based western and indigenous healing practices within a therapeutic and case management framework. This includes ACT, CBT, somatic therapies, as well as the nationally recognised BushMob therapies of BushMob Adventure Therapy and Horse Culture Healing. BushMob was the first residential AOD service in the NT with a dedicated trauma informed therapy unit.

BushMob reduces harm for Young People by providing multidimensional interventions which include:

1. physiological Interventions (such as access to clothing, shelter, nutrition, medical and dental care, routine, and safety);
2. psychological interventions (such as recognition, counselling, physical activity with challenge, coping skills and relapse prevention), and;
3. socio-cultural interventions (such as family connections, group membership with responsibility, interactions in society, school, training and/or work). As a result of enacting an alternative life script within a broadening world view, Young People reduce their level of risk.

BushMob accepts referrals from Young People and their families, as well as a wide range of services in the child protection, youth justice and health systems.

BushMob is a federal and NT health program funded service.

A Young Person with a youth justice system and complex medical and mental health history says:
‘BushMob man, they care. At BushMob you got support, counselling, go to school, find a job. It helps you. I had got a purpose now, you know.’

The BushMob referral can be downloaded from: intake@bushmob.com.au.
General Information from: info@bushmob.com.au

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