Our program

BushMob’s Residential Rehabilitation Alcohol and Other Drug Program is a 16-week program that offers:

  • Safe accommodation
  • A structured daily program (including fun activities and life skills)
  • Recreational activities (including Bush Adventure Therapy, Horse Culture and Healing, camping trips)
  • Cultural activities
  • Access to health care
  • AOD education program
  • Case management and counselling
  • Therapeutic group work
  • Life skills development
  • Family visits
  • Work readiness
  • School engagement
  • Art, music, and sport
  • Post-exit support

Case Management

Each young person is given a case manager to provide one on one support, who helps them achieve their goals while they stay at BushMob. Case managers help young people with things like:

  • Getting ID
  • Connecting with family and culture
  • Resume writing/looking for work
  • Training and education opportunities
  • Centrelink
  • Playing for a sports club
  • Liaising with other services
  • Referring to other services
  • Support with legal matters
  • And more


Each young person in the program can see a counsellor to help them talk about and figure ways to deal with their thoughts, worries, alcohol and drug use, etc. It is a safe space where everything talked about is kept private between the counsellor and young person.

Post-exit support

Once a young person leaves BushMob, case managers can stay in touch with them to offer support outside of the program. We like to continue to help young people and show them that we still care after their journey at BushMob.

Family visits

BushMob strongly supports family connection and understands the importance of maintaining contact with family and loved ones – family visits can occur from two weeks into the program. For young people whose family may not be in town, we encourage and allow for phone contact as much as possible.

Important to note:

The program is quite intensive – there is structure and young people are expected to participate. Young people are also living in a community environment with other young people and all activities are done as a group. When part of the program, young people will be challenged, supported and given time to build connections with themselves and each other.

BushMob also has a multiple entry and exit option as young people may need to try it out more than once before knowing if the program is right for them.

The program is designed to help young people in healing and moving forward in a meaningful and positive way.